Karpaty Magiczne

Magic Carpathians Project "ethnocore3: vak" press release

Most of the "ethnocore3: vak" session has been recorded live with two tracks remixed by Umpaalas (rhBand) in San Francisco at his home studio. Live recordings have been made during October 2001 at the Browarna Galery in Lowicz (Poland), established by an artist, Andrzej Biernacki, in the building that used to serve as a church. This space with its specific acoustics has been chosen for the vocal performance that resulted in ongoing one-hour-and half long improvisation, designed and arranged by Anna Nacher. Two tracks, /dark/ and /light/ are the parts of the performance that shows voice as a process constantly and actively redefining the borders set to delimit and produce body politics within culture. Voice as such is a lead motive here - voice as a soil of language, its sonics and source, voice as a communication tool, as a con/non-text, voice as a deprivation and degeneration, voice as a violence, voice as subjected to violence, voice reborn. This is why the name of Hindu divine emanation appears - in Hindu mythology Vak is an incarnation of shakti power, embodiment of vocal music and Voice itself.

Some tracks contain field recordings recorded by Nacher/Styczynski in Varanasi, 1999 and Kathmandu Valley, 1994. Several tracks recorded at Stary Dom Gallery (owned by Nacher/Styczynski in their hometown, Nowy Sacz, Carpathians) during May/June 2001 have been remixed by Umpaalas (known also of his incarnation in rhBand) in San Francisco later the same year, with additional sounds recorded during the Magic Carpathians' U.S. tour (March 2001).

Hence "ethnocre3: vak" made a bridge between the continents and time zones.

Anna Nacher (voice, lyrics, 12-string guitar, e-bowed guitar, field recordings) & Marek Styczynski (Slovakian pastoral fujara, signalling trumpet, didjeridu, cello, Tibetan cimbals, field recordings), Tomasz Radziuk (Kramer bass guitar, acoustic fretless bass guitar)

also contributed: Alexandra Yaromova (Le Plastic Mistification - cello, voice, harmonica) Tomasz Jurecki (Slovakian pastoral fujara), Piotr Golonka (voice, hermonica, objects)