Oranżada originated between year 2001 and 2002 thus artistically defining the long-lasting (not only musical) relationship of three friends. For over three years the band was touring with concerts throughout Poland gathering positive reviews. Oranżada took part in such events as II Festival of Alternative Art The Best OFF in Żak Club (with.: Lech Janerka, Ścianka, Marcin Dymiter, Tymon Tymanski, Von Zeit, Pudelsi, Łódź Kaliska) or the peculiar "Festiwal w Krajobrazie" 2004 in Inowłódz (with: Pathman, One Inch of Shadow, Hati, The Band of Endless Noise).
At the same time, for the last two years the band has been working on the album Oranżada. The majority of the material was recorded in September 2003 and reflects the band's musical achievement of that time. The basic, very classical instrumentation used by the band (guitar, bass, percussions and vocals) was enriched with the sound of synthesizers, organs, vibraphone, flute, as well as real sounds on the album. The music oscillates around psychedelic sounds, whether the means of expression are rock-like, kraut-rock, avantgard or pop themes. Significant elements of the compositions are trans, noise, and improvisation.
What is most attractive about the album and Orażada music as a whole is its freshness and honest emotional expression.
The album was recorded and mixed at the Rogalów Analogowy Studio of Wojtek Czern with the use of vintage equipment and instruments without the use of a computer. This audibly "shows through" in the analog and singular quality of sound and is the clear advantage of this album.
Until now the only official publication where Oranżada recordings could be found was the Piotr Kaczkowski (dj of Polish Radio) "minimax.pl" split released in December 2003.

The band (for the album):
Robert Derlatka - bass guitar, vocals;
Michał Krzysztofiak - guitar, vocals;
Artur Rzempołuch - percussion, vocals;