Mushroom Runner Records
Oberhausen - Germany

MRR 001
D.A. "Minced Tuba Weasel" - LP
6-track LP with special vinyl artwork.
Weird, homemade, psychedelic, lo-fi stuff by a strange Finnish outfit.
Limited edition of 223 numbered copies.

MRR 002
Zimmerman O. O. Of Off O. Aura "Behind" - LP
Freaky rocking sound combined with that irresistible Krautrock stubbornes (like Can).
Including two gigantic live tracks.
Limited edition of 300 copies in orange vinyl.

MRR 003
Tribe of Cro "Potlatch" - LP
Stoned-out-of-your-head british psychedelic Spacerock.
Mindblowing session feat. members of Mandragora, Wobble Jaggle Jiggle + Dr. Brown.
220g vinyl in a limited edition of 500 copies.

MRR 004
D.A. "The Watch" - 10"
Second effort of this real underground band from FinlandŽs outback.
Nothing is to strange for these guys. Psych folk weirdness housed
in a fantastic cover/record gimmick.
Limited edition of 120 copies in white vinyl.

MRR 005
Etzelind Sternanis Ensemble "For Private Abuse Only" - LP
Sideproject by V.B. Schulze + M. Indefrey from Zimmerman O. O. O. O. O. Aura.
YouŽll hear wonderful psychedelic poptunes, interesting tales, dub rhythms and sound paintings.
Limited edition of 120 copies.

MRR 006
Zimmerman O. O. Of Off O. Aura "Jazzrock" - LP
The 3rd LP with another gathering of recorded improvisations and experimental tracks
in the spirit of early seventies Krautrock bands but in no case Jazz -Rock.
Limited edition of 300 copies.

MRR 007
Mushroom Runner Records "Compilation" - 10"
Unreleased and alternative tracks from the bands and musicains
on Mushroom Runner Records.
Limited polycarbonat edition of 20 copies.

MRR 008
Etzelind Sternanis Ensemble "Secret Information / Morning Ballad" - 7"
Two new songs from the multi-instrumentalist V.B. Schulze.
With secret informations in the next millennium.....
Limited edition of 200 copies in thick vinyl.

MRR 009
Cactus Cooper "Repsycled-The Anthology Debut" - LP
A compilation with some of the nicest recordings of the interstellar popstar
since he was stranded on this lonely planet.
Amazing silkscreened fold-out cover with 8 big-sized trips.
Limited edition of 220 numbered copies in blue vinyl.