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1 October 2022

Charles O'Hegarty - "The More I Travel"

The Lollipoppe Shoppe,
Format: CD / DL
Cat.-Nr.. (LLP 008 + LSCD 026),
Release date: November 2022
Distribution: Broken Silence / Clear Spot / Sound Effect / Forced Exposure

    In the early 1960's a young British folksinger from London read about the budding folk boom in the USA and wanted a piece of the action. As he and his wife already had travelled through Europe, the Middle East and Africa they didn't hesitate to pack up and go. So, this folksinger added an "O" to his name and became Charles O'Hegarty.

    Charles and Anna arrived in Canada in 1963 and stayed until early 1965. Then they entered the USA, lived in San Francisco and Los Angeles before they crossed the whole country to go to New York. By then it was early autumn of 1965 when Charles became part of the Greenwich Village scene - and continued to do so until 1970.

    This is a very brief sketch of Charles O'Hegarty's life in the 1960's - and if you have a "in the right place at the right time" - notion you're absolutely correct. Charles connected to several important folk scenes in Canada and the USA, played the Berkeley Folk Music Festival and many famous folk clubs of the day, recorded a folk-rock single for Verve-Folkways and became a singer-songwriter with his own repertoire.

    But nowadays only a few people remember Charles O'Hegarty (who died in 2010). And he's not a household name in the annals of 60's folk music - obviously due to the lack of available recordings. Through our association with John Townley we here at the Lollipoppe Shoppe got to hear three unreleased songs by Charles, recorded by John at his Apostolic Studio in 1969. These wonderfully written and sublimely arranged originals cried out to be released - so we started to dig deeper in the hope of finding enough material for a whole LP. Now, after two years of work we can present a retrospective LP+CD-set of 60's studio- and live- recordings by Charles O'Hegarty, gathered together from six different sources, recorded between 1964 and 1970. Of the 16 tracks on the LP only one has been previously released - and the CD includes seven additional tracks (also unissued).

    With this release - organized in collaboration with Anna and Marika Hegarty - we hope to set the record straight and put Charles O'Hegarty back on the map of 1960's folksingers/singer-songwriters.

    - limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies on colored vinyl + bonus-track-CD- four-page insert with exclusive liner-notes by Anna Hegarty and John Townley, also including many pictures (archival photos and posters)- reprint of Charles' info/bio-flyer from 1964


    In den frühen 1960er Jahren las ein junger britischer Folk-Sänger aus London vom sich formierenden Folk-Boom in den USA und beschloss, dort mitzumischen. Da er und seine Frau bereits weite Teile Europas, des Mittleren Ostens und mehrere Staaten Afrikas bereist hatten, packten sie mal wieder zusammen und zogen los. Als letzte Vorbereitung setzte der Folk-Sänger ein "O" vor seinen Namen und wurde so zu Charles O'Hegarty.

    Charles und Anna kamen zunächst 1963 in Kanada an und blieben bis Anfang 1965 dort. Schließlich reisten sie in die USA ein, lebten in San Francisco und Los Angeles, bevor sie das gesamte Land durchquerten, um nach New York zu kommen. Mittlerweile war es Herbst 1965, Charles wurde zum Teil der Greenwich-Village-Szene und blieb dies bis 1970.

    Dies ist eine extrem skizzenhafte Beschreibung von Charles O'Hegartys Leben in den 60er Jahren - doch wenn man dabei eine "Zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Platz"-Idee bekommt, liegt man damit komplett richtig. Charles baute Verbindungen zu etlichen wichtigen Folk-Szenen in Kanada und den USA auf, spielte auf dem renommierten Berkeley Folk Music Festival sowie in vielen berühmten Folk-Clubs jener Zeit, nahm eine Folk-Rock-Single für Verve-Folkways auf und wurde schließlich ein Singer-Songwriter mit eigenem Repertoire.

    Heutzutage erinnern sich allerdings nur noch wenige Leute an Charles O'Hegarty (der 2010 gestorben ist). Und auch in den Annalen der Folk-Musik der 1960er Jahre ist sein Name eher nicht geläufig - wohl vor allem, da es bisher nur wenige greifbare Aufnahmen gab. Durch unsere Verbindung zu John Townley konnten wir vom Lollipoppe Shpppe drei unveröffentlichte Songs von Charles hören, die John 1969 in seinem Apostolic-Studio aufgenommen hatte. Diese drei wunderbar geschriebenen und filigran arrangierten Originale schrien förmlich danach, veröffentlicht zu werden - für uns ein Ansporn, tiefer zu graben, um vielleicht Material für eine ganze LP zusammenzubekommen.

    Nun endlich (nach zwei Jahren Arbeit) können wir ein retrospektives LP-CD-Set präsentieren, das Studio- und Live-Aufnahmen von 1964 bis 1970 enthält, die aus sechs verschiedenen Quellen zusammengestellt wurden. Von den 16 Stücken auf der LP ist nur eines zuvor veröffentlicht gewesen - und die CD enthält sieben zusätzliche Stücke (alle ebenfalls unveröffentlicht).

    Wir hoffen, dass durch diese Veröffentlichung - die in Zusammenarbeit mit Anna und Marika Hegarty entstanden ist - Charles O'Hegarty wieder einen Platz in der Geschichte und bei den Fans der Folk-Sänger/Singer-Songwriter der 60er Jahre einnehmen kann.

    - auf 300 Exemplare limitierte Auflage auf farbigem Vinyl + Bonus-Track-CD

    - vier-seitiges Insert in LP-Größe mit exklusiven Essays von Anna Hegarty und John Townley, darüber hinaus mit vielen historischen Abbildungen (Fotos und Plakate)

    - Faksimile von Charles‘ Info/Bio-Flyer von 1964

1 October 2021

Skalar - spooky

The Lollipoppe Shoppe,
Format: CD / DL
Cat.-Nr.. LSCD 024,
Release date: October 1st
Distribution: Broken Silence (GAS) / Sound-Effect / Clear Spot

    Five years after their debut EP "Miracle Cure" Skalar is back with an album-length CD called "spooky". The trio still plays their very own blend of folk-rock with a full yet subtle rhythm section accompanying guitar- or Rhodes-based songs with lots of melodies and harmony vocals.

    The band took their time to finish this album, produced by Skalar and recording-wizard Bernhard Rupprecht at Black Sheep in Neuss, Germany. Bernie was eager to get the best aural results out of the recording-, mixing- and mastering-procedures - and after being one and a half years in the making the album is full-bodied and mature now. The range includes traditionally structured folky songs, enhancements of those with bits of noise 'n' rattle, some dub-groove- leanings and a psychedelic-freak-out. To expand Skalar's trio-sound some honored guests added soulful organ-soli, brooding double-bass lines and even more harmony vocal layers (but: electric guitars can't be found on "spooky").

    As for the title: It wasn't done intentionally but over the years so many eerie and other-worldly motifs came together that the title "spooky" now seems more than apt. There's a mermaid, a poisonous snake, a big bad wolf, an old lady clearing her good name from the afterlife - there're little lights in dark woods, strange happenings in a coastal town and some vampires thrown in for good measure.

    To give the album a jewelry-box-look the graphic-designer Christian Witt developed a shiny Digi- Pak-cover which wouldn't be out of place in an Art Deco boudoir.

    So, all in all here's a little treasure chest filled with heart-felt gems from Skalar - please take your time and listen.


    Anne Smidt - vocals, guitar, keyboards Sebastian Birk - bass, vocals, keyboards Groucho Kangaroo - drums, percussion


    Jürgen Dahmen - keyboards
    Oldrik Scholz - harmony vocals
    Freddy Mast - harmony vocals
    Moussa Varolgil - trumpets
    Frank Henkemeyer - double bass
    The Crew of Unshaven Seafarers - backing vocals

    produced by Bernhard Rupprecht and Skalar
    recorded, mixed and mastered by Bernhard Rupprecht at Black Sheep in 2020/2021

    artwork by Christian Witt

    photography by Frank Henkemeyer

    "... this more universal slightly European vibe merging with Americana is what really works here. That, and the fact that they write fine songs with lovely vocals and varied sonic arrangements. The future looks bright based on this ..."

    David Hintz, FolkWorld (Nov 2016)

    "Opening track 'Unmystified Woman' is melodic and powerful, its blend of folk and pop lifted by the vocals of Anne Smidt that soar above the music beautifully. On 'Best Intentions' a lonely trumpet adds plenty of emotion to a gorgeous song, whilst the title track is simply lovely, a gentle and sparse tune that sways softly on a moon-lit beach."

    Terrascope Online (March 2017)

11 Juni 2021

Yat Kha - We Will Never Die

The Lollipoppe Shoppe,
Format: CD/ LP / DL
Cat.-Nr.. LSCD 021,
release date: June 11
distribution: Broken Silence (GAS)

    We Will Never Die is Yat-Kha's eight studio album. Centred around the huge voice of charismatic singer Albert Kuvezin from the remote Russian republic of Tuva (latitude: London, longitude: Bangladesh), the group’s long international career started out during the collapse of the USSR in 1991 with the release of “Antropofagia” on celebrated writer & art critic Artemy Troitsky’s General Records (Moscow). The release of the legendary “Yenisei-Punk” album recorded for Global Music Centre (Helsinki) in 1994 saw them gain worldwide recognition. Under the management of then bassist Lu Edmonds (3Mustapha3, Mekons, The Damned, PiL etc.), Yat-Kha signed to Paddy Moloney’s Wicklow Records (BMG Classics) and performed at all major music festivals in Europe, North America and the Far East. Kuvezin's ultra-low variant of Tuvan throat singing, the kargyraa or kanzat stayle, still remains the unique feature of Yat-Kha's mixture of traditional music and experimental roots rock and whereas there are many great khoomeiji singers this style is unique to Yat-Kha.

    Recorded after the 2019 European tour, the album We Will Never Die was recorded in Southern Germany in the studios of German krautrock legends Hans-Joachim Irmler and in some ways follows Kuvezin's Poet and Lighthouses album which itself was recorded on the remote Scottish whisky island of Jura by British producer Giles Perring, reaching number One of the World Music Charts in 2010.

    On this new album Kuvezin is accompanied by his long-term Tuvan friend and musical accomplice, Sholban Mongush on igil (a bowed horsehair 2-string cello) and backing vocals. Due to the usual pandemic and travel bans, some additional tracks were later recorded by Kuvezin in Abakan, Khakassia in spring 2020. Besides original compositions, the album features words gathered from the sayings and incantations of Tuvan shamans - whose traditions form an unbroken lineage dating back to the neolithic period - as well as Black Sabbath's Solitude and While My Guitar Gently Weeps (George Harrison), two songs sometimes played as an encore on live shows.

    The Lollipoppe Shoppe is extremely proud to continue their involvement with this extraordinary band who in many ways blazed a trail since the early 1990s many new and interesting emerging East Asian rock music artists and experimenters for example the Mongolian metal-rock band “The Hu”. We hope you will enjoy it as much as Yat-Kha had in making it!

    Albert Kuvezin: guitars, percussion, khomuz, vocals

    Sholban Mongush: igil, backing vocals

    All tracks recorded between October 2019 and Spring 2020, at Faust-Studio and in Koybal, Khakassia. Mixed by Thilo Kuhn, mastered by Marc Urselli, Los Angeles.

    A few words on our new album...

    Sholban Mongush and me began recordings on our new album in Scheer, South Germany, after European tour in 2019. It is former industrial complex in a lovely place right by the Danube not far from the place where the river begins. The Faust studio is run by Joachim from the German cult band Faust. We spent there there days and recorded five songs.

    Because of the coronavirus pandemic all our concerts, festivals and tours were cancelled and during spring 2020 we all were under quarantine. I decided not to waste time and recorded more tracks just by myself overdubbing instruments. In March we will be on tour in Russia and see how our new material works live with a full band.

    I have always been interested in shamanistic mythology and poetry, especially Tuvan ones.

    I very much appreciate and respect Mongush Borakhoevitch Kenin-Lopsan for his great work and years of researching and saving Tuvan shamanism. The lyrics for Sharylaam and We Will Never Die I took from his book on Tuvan Shamans.

    Along with Tuvan traditional music and nature, poetry is my other inspiration. A few year back I wrote a song on the lyrics of the great Russian poet Osip Mandelstam, who is one of the main figures of what we call in Russian “Silver Century Poetry”. Repressions is one of the many tragedies of the Soviet Union in the 20th century, and Mandelstam has died in a Gulag camp in Vladivostok in 1938. 2021 is Mandelstam's 130th birthday.

    I would like to remark on another song On The Path (to Eternal Tengri/ Na Trope) which I wrote in 1989 in Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg now again). During that time I was interested in Eastern philosophy and esoteric. I was young and my lyrics were so naïve but I sincerely survived the losses of my relatives and friends and believed in eternity and the otherworld.

    Besides composing songs, I just love to play the guitar and sometimes come up with instrumental pieces like Ak-Oruk (White Road). In Tuvan traditions 'White Road' is a greeting and means good open road or way. Let me wish you all, friends and fans, journalists and music people Ak-Oruk for your life!

    Albert Kuvezin, February 2021

    The video by our friend

2 August 2020

John Townley - The Old Sailor

Lollipoppe Shoppe LSCD 022
Distribution Germany: Broken Silence
Distribution USA: Forced Exposure
Distribution BeNeLux: Clear Spot
Rest of the world: Sound-Effect Records
Release Date: October 30th

    John Townley is associated with various musical projects by different groups of people. For some he's the driving force behind the double-album by The Family of Apostolic (1968), for others the guitarist of folk-rock garage-heroes The Magicians (1965-66). Yet other folks think of him as the musician/producer behind maritime albums like his own "Sailor!" (1991) and "A Chesapeake Sailor's Companion" (2000) or the two albums by The Starboard List (1976-77).

    But in the end it's always the one and only John Townley - a man of many talents with an incredible scope of musical abilities and sensibilities.

    Having studied guitar with Rev. Gary Davis in the early 1960's John played the blues- and folk-circuit of coffee houses in New York City, meeting almost everyone you could imagine in that scene. He played in a duo with David Blue, formed an all-electric folk-band in 1965, The Psychedelic Rangers, before joining The Magicians. His next venture was to found the Apostolic Studios, the first 12-track-facility in New York. There he recorded the Family of Apostolic-album and the follow-up with Ocean (1969, unreleased until 2020, now available on LP from the Lollipop Shop) as well as various projects for Vanguard Records and other labels. From the 1970's onward John’s been researching, playing and producing mainly maritime folk music, making the aforementioned albums and sailing (often literally) around the USA and Europe.

    Now he's back with this new solo-album - and being the multi-instrumentalist that he is, he played every instrument you can hear on it by himself. The project started in 2014-15 with recordings at Marc Greene's studio in Brookville, NY and it was finished when Grammy-winning engineer John Kilgore did the final mixes in New York City in 2019-20. As John always has been fond of eclectic album concepts (just listen to the albums by the Family of Apostolic and Ocean) this new album also covers a lot of ground. His folk and blues roots are represented by new interpretations and re-inventions of some real classics, on top there are also some wonderful new original songs. Everything is tied together by John's incredible guitar playing - acoustic and electric - and his great voice (plus harmony vocals and around ten other instruments).

    John Townley returns with a folk'n'blues-pickin' smasher of an album - be sure not to miss it!

    - CD-edition of 500 copies with deluxe fold open cover - Lollipoppe Shoppe / Lollipop Shop LSCD 022

    - insert with liner and song notes by John Townley

2 August 2020

OCEAN - a lost 60's folk-rock gem on vinyl for the first time...

Lollipoppe Shoppe LLP 006
Distribution Germany: Broken Silence
Distribution USA: Forced Exposure
Rest of the world: Sound-Effect Records
Release Date: August 28th

    In 1968 an album by The Family of Apostolic was released on Vanguard Records - and a lot of people consider that double-LP to be a great work of folk-rock and psychedelia. If songs from that album like "Won't Be Sad Again", "Dholak Gheet" or "Fiddler A Dram" made you howl for more you're in for a surprise now.

    After The Family of Apostolic album three of its key musicians - Lyn Hardy, Jay Ungar and John Townley - teamed up with bass player Peter Smith and drummer Jim Willis to form Ocean. This short lived band was in a way the follow-up to John Townley's Family of Apostolic, in another way the starting point of Jay Ungar's song-writing career as well as a showcase for Lyn Hardy's incredible voice. But no matter how you want to look at Ocean, they recorded a wonderfully eclectic album in the summer of 1969 which remained unreleased until now.

    The album contains mostly original songs and it has influences which reach from old- time/bluegrass to Middle-Eastern music - apart from that some of the songs even have a British folk-rock feel to them. Needless to say the album is full of virtuoso playing and gorgeous female/male vocal harmonies.

    This LP is taken from the only remaining reference-copy of the final mix - and even if it is not taken from the original reels (which are lost) it still sparkles with the crystal clear 12-track-sound that was typical for the Apostolic Studios in New York City.

    For anyone who needs some more credentials:

    Fiddler, guitarist and singer Jay Ungar for sure is famous for writing "Ashokan Farewell" - before that he recorded albums with Cat Mother, The Putnam String County Band and Lyn Hardy. Today he plays in a duo with Molly Mason.

    Singer and guitarist Lyn Hardy recorded with Jay Ungar and The Putnam String County Band, these days she performs with Skye Trio and works as a luthier.

    Multi-instrumentalist and singer John Townley founded the Apostolic Studios after he studied guitar with Rev. Gary Davis and played with David Blue and The Magicians. Today he's an expert on maritime folk music and plays as a solo act doing folk, blues and original songs (watch out for his new solo album on Lollipoppe Shoppe).

    - limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies on ocean-blue vinyl - Lollipoppe Shoppe LLP 006

    - insert with archival photos and liner notes by John Townley

    - postcard with download-code included



    'Ocean' S/T a limited edition (300 copy) slab of sea-blue vinyl from the ever wonderful Lollipoppe Shoppe label. It's astonishing that great quality psychedelia from the late 60s is still being unearthed in this day and age - just as you thought the very bottom of the mine had been swept clean, someone dives into the, erm, ocean and pulls out gems such as this one. It's a heady mix of folk-rock, blues, bluegrass and (joy of joys!) middle-eastern music, not dissimilar in approach to the mighty Kaleidoscope but with added female vocal harmonies. The band consists of three former members of the Family of Apostolic who released a highly regarded double LP on Vanguard Records in 1968 - including the distinctive singer Lyn Hardy, guitarist Jay Ungar and singer/guitarist John Townley.

    Phil McMullen

    terrascope.co.uk July 2020

16 September 2018

Úzgin Űver - Patak

Lollipoppe Shoppe LSCD 018 (CD) Germany
Mana Mana Records MANAVL-002 (LP) Hungary
Release Date: October 2018
Genre: Electronic, Folk, World, Psychedelia
Style: Neofolk


    The new album by this enigmatic Hungarian cult band is now available on Budapest's Mana Mana label, on limited 140 gr. vinyl, and on CD on Berlin's Lollipoppe Shoppe label. Patak is the best work by Úzgin Űver so far. It also marks their 27th anniversary as a band.

    In recent years, it has rarely been possible to meet with Úzgin Űver from the southern town of Kecskem�t. Now they have released an album fully-loaded with precious new territories. It's their 8th album since the group formed in 1991, and the first released on vinyl. All recordings are composed by the three founding members: Marcsi Farkas (violin), Gyula Majoros (wind instruments) and P�ter Homoki (guitar and producer).

    There are six new tracks. The title track, Patak, starts the album and roams and grooves for 16 minutes. In its closing part, this massive track pays homage to Kecskem�t's legendary underground cult band Nagy Palibi, which Homoki had co-founded in the 80's.

    It is also the first occasion that the band features a guest vocalist and aims for some "normal" kind of pop ballad. In the track Shirat HaYam, PollyFlow (Polnauer Fl�ra) sings in Hebrew about the Red Sea.

    In the music of Úzgin Űver traditional folk is stretched far beyond the average world music. Of course, this calm, psychedelic, rich and scale-based instrumental process music draws from a mix of genres and methods, and has an ancient layer as well as some unique velvety emotional and electric charge. The disregard for any current trends gives the music a timeless attraction, and yet takes you on a precise kind of psycho-geographical journey.

    Úzgin Űver is a very interesting world music band from Hungary. It has been a while since I heard their music (I only own the very early material). The band has been around since the early 90s and is lead by Péter Homoki who plays most of the instruments, including guitars, bass, drums, loops, synths and one vocal (5). Marcsi backs him up on violin and vocals (1,4) and Gyula on duduk, jews harp, flute, and clarinet. The CD starts off with the amazing 16 min track, which was to me the best song on the album. It starts off quite slow and spacey with some nice flute playing and laid back bass and percussive grooves. Next section we have some clarinet and violin complimenting each other as the rhythm grows a bit more intense. Every now and then the main melodic theme is repeated. Around 6 mins the female vocal kicks in and by 7:30 it is quite psychedelic with a lot of stuff going on in the background and it gradually comes back down to just the bass, simple percussion and clarinet. It has this real mid-east feel to it later and also some guitar kicks in that really cuts through the tribal groove. The vibe of this track really reminds me of Ole Lukkoye from Russia at times. Incredible song. G�zl� is a very repetitive track with a slight increased tempo and features some nice layers of violin and clarinet. There is a long guitar solo on this track as well. This is music to put you into a trance. Shirat Hayam is a more vocal track with some very cool Hungarian vocals. What an amazing voice she has! I get transported out to the desert sands with this music. Sodr�s is driven by another hypnotic rhythm and lead with some repeated violin lines that get doubled so it sounds really cool. Lots of other stuff is happening as well if you listen closely. Őrvény features a male singer this time on a track with a more dark heavy feel to it. Sometimes he sings almost like throat singing. The CD ends with Nádas. This is more laid back with some guitar and violin that gives it a mysterious feel. The jews harp makes an appearance as well. A sort of happy but not happy song that has a special sort of rhythm. Very different from the other songs on this excellent album.

    Scott Heller

    Henning Küpper propagiert seit den 90ern psychedelische Musik mit Schwerpunkt Osteuropa: Atman, Magic Carpathians Project und Asunta aus Polen, NU & Apa Neagra aus Rumänien, Ole Lukkoye aus St. Petersburg, Volga aus Moskau, Korai Öröm aus Ungarn ebenso wie ÚZGIN ŰVER. Nach der Wiederveröffentlichung von "99" (LSCD 013, 2015). bringt nun Patak (LSCD 018 / Mana Mana Records, MANAVL-002, LP) wieder deren Imaginäre Folklore, zum Grooven gebracht von Farkas Marcsi an der Geige, Homoki Péter an Gitarre, Bass, Loops, Synthie, Drums & Percussion und Majoros Gyula an Flöte, Klarinette & Duduk. Dazu stößt PollyFlow, die Jazz-Klez-S�ngerin und Kantorin Flora Polnauer in Budapest, um bei 'Shirat HaYam', dem 'Lied am Schilfmeer' aus dem Buch Exodus, auf hebräisch und wie mit dem Hüftschwung der Salome den Herrn dafür zu preisen, dass er die Rösser & Reiter des Pharaos im Roten Meer ersäuft hat. Bei der "Juden raus"-Hetze gegen George Soros, Ágnes Heller und den toten Georg Lukács ist das von sprechender Symbolik. Eingebettet in 'Patak' (Bach), 'Gázl�' (Furt), 'Sodrás' (Strömung), 'Örvény' (Strudel) und 'Nádas' (Schilf) wird daraus quasi ein Narrativ. Tribaler Beat, die Geige und archaisches Flöten suggerieren im Flow des pulsierenden Basses und eines knarrenden Loops und mit dem sanften Druck der Gitarre eine orientalistische Fantasy, ein imaginäres Mittelalter, karpato-mongolische Traumpfade. Farkas prägt 'Patak', mit 16 Min. der zeitvergessen und melodisch swingende, ja zwingende Opener, mit auch noch zunehmend enthusiasmiertem Zungenschlag und so jubiliert sie auch beim animierten, aus allen Rohren bedudelten 'Sodrás' mit seinem hypnotisierenden Differenz-Wiederholungs-Sog. Dazwischen steigern bei 'Gázló' Gitarre und Flöte im Wechselspiel das Tempo, fast wie als ferne Verwandte der Master Mujicians of Jajouka, aber melodienseliger und mit einer psychedelischen Westcoastgitarre zum tribalen Tamtam. Homoki bestimmt mit Throatgesang und urigem Scat das knarrig bummelnde und flöten gehende 'Örvény'. Bis 'Nádas' mit klapperndem Pferdetritt zu Maultrommel und Duduk auf den Sonnenuntergang zu reitet, luckyluke-lässig genug, um sich dabei eine Zigarette zu drehen. Ihr Debut hieß einst "Szegény Aratás" [Schlechte Ernte], seitdem haben Úzgin Űver das ständig Lügen gestraft.

    Rigobert Dittmann

23 October 2017

Yat-Kha - The Ways of the Nomad - 25th Anniversary Tour

    09.11. Utrecht, The Netherlands, Le Guess Who? Festival
    14.11. Hamburg, Stubnitz
    15.11. Groningen, The Netherlands, Vera
    17.11. Halle, Saalekietz
    18.11. Berlin, Kulturbrauerei, Maszchienenhaus
    19.11. Poznan, Poland, Culture Centre Zamek
    22.11. Prague, Futurum Music Bar

    Yat-Kha - Music and throat singing from the Altai-Sayani Mountains of Tuva (southern Siberia).

    Yat-Kha belong to the most successful groups of Sibiria. Named after the Mongolian zither yatga, their fusion of traditional music and western rock variants has made the throat singing of their native Tuva internationally known.

    The ultra-low voice of Albert Kuvezin, the chairsmatic head and founder of Yat-Kha, and his mastery of the kargyraa vocal technique made the band unmistakably unique. Kuvezin and percussionist Zhenia-Rasputin-Tkachev have been touring internationally with different line-ups since the mid nineties. They were guest at all major world music festivals in Europe, Canada, Japan, China and Russia (WOMAD Helsinki, UK, SFINKS, Roskilde, Glastonbury, Sziget, Respect).

    Yat-Kha will also return to Berlin in November 2017, the place where their international career started in 1993 at the so-called Berlin Independence days (later WOMEX); there where Albert Kuvezin met with Lu Edmonds (PIL, Mekons, 3Mustafa3, The Damned) who as a bass player, manager and producer helped to produce the group's first albums and made Yat-Kha a legend.

    Albert Kuvezin - vocals, throat singing, guitar, yat-kha
    Evgeny "Zhenya" Tkachov - drums, percussion
    Sholban Mongush - igil, vocal
    Theo Scipio - bass


    Yat-Kha - The Ways of the Nomad - 25th Anniversary Tour

    Musik und Kehlkopfgesang aus dem Sajangebirge Tuwas.

    Yat-Kha - Music and throat singing from the Altai-Sayani Mountains of Tuva (southern Siberia). / Musik und Kehlkopfgesang aus dem Sajangebirge Tuwas (S�dsibirien).

    Yat-Kha geh�ren zu den erfolgreichsten Gruppen Sibiriens. Benannt nach einer mongolischen Zither, machte ihre Fusion von traditioneller Musik mit westlichen Rockvarianten den Kehlkopfgesang ihre Heimatrepublik Tuwa international bekannt.

    Der ultra-tiefe Kehlkopfgesang (genannt Kargyraa) von Albert Kuvezin, dem charismatischen Kopf und Gr�nder der Band, macht Yat-Kha einzigartig und unverwechselbar.

    Seit Mitte der 1990er Jahre touren Kuvezin und Perkussionist Zhenia -Rasputin-Tkachev durch die Welt und waren mit unterschiedlichen, internationalen Besetzungen zu Gast auf allen renommierten Weltmusikfestivals in Europa, Kanada, Japan, China und Russland. (WOMAD Helsinki, UK, SFINKS, Roskilde, Glastonbury, Sziget)

    Nach 12 Jahren wird die Gruppe endlich wieder in Berlin sein - in der Stadt, in der Kuvezin 1993 auf den Berlin Independence Days (sp�ter WOMEX) Lu Edmonds (PIL, Mekons, 3Mustafa3, The Damned) begegnete, der als Produzent, Bassist und Manager die ersten Alben realisierte und half, Yat-Kha zur Legende zu machen.

    Albert Kuvezin - vocals, Throat Singing, Guitar, Yat-Kha
    Evgeny "Zhenya" Tkachov - drums, Percussion
    Sholban Mongush - igil, vocal
    Theo Scipio - bass


23 August 2016


SKALAR - Miracle Cure


Relase date: 23.08.2016
    Unconditional love for the song � this unites the three of SKALAR. Writing songs, arranging them together and making them shine: this simple yet traditionally handed down idea is what SKALAR�s members are excited about and driven by.
    The three of them met within a tiny but nevertheless lovingly cared for subcultural music scene in non-glamourous Oberhausen. The longtime activities there were concisely described by English singing poet Stephen Burch alias �The Great Park� (who can also be seen in Oberhausen every once in a while) by stating: �They are making their own fun.�

    �Their own fun� is what Anne, Groucho and Sebastian have been making within several band constellations for a long time now (Ship of Ara, Balsam, Cosmic Kangaroos, The Cherrypops and others...).

    The many years of vivid musical experience and exchange gives SKALAR an expression that can be located somewhere between Jefferson Airplane, Carole King, Fairport Convention and something you might call good pop music.

    LISTEN to Miracle Cure

23 January 2015


Úzgin Üver - 99

CD, LSCD 013

Relase date: late April 2015
    Uzgin �ver's second album "99" will be re-released on Lollipoppe Shoppe in late April 2015.
    Originally, the album was released in 1999 on Bahia Records, Budapest
    The Budapest/Kecskem�t avant-folk band has been active since the early 90's and will record an new album this spring.

    More info soon

30 January 2013

Der 1954 geborene Klarinettist, Radio-DJ, Autor und Fanzinemacher Go�aszewski wirkt auf Nichtpolen so schim�renhaft wie ein Elefant, den ein Blinder zu begreifen versucht: Mitbegr�nder der Meta-Punk-Formation Armia 1984, flippernd zwischen Don Quichote, Tolkins Bombadil und Aguirre, zugleich der Propagandist einer polnischen Reggae- und Rastafarikultur, durchwegs ein 'musizierender Philosoph', unterwegs ins New Age, mit dem Theater-Guru Jerzy Grotowski und dem Gnostiker und Anthroposophen Jerzy Prokopiuk als Seelenf�hrern und Prokopiuks �bersetzungen von C. G. Jung und Rudolf Steiner als Landkarten. Kurz, man kennt ihn in Polen als Merlin, und Landscapes (Krajobraz), ein 'Soundream' f�r Klarinette und Harmoniumbordun, gespielt von Wojciech Krawacki, ist ein gutes Beispiel f�r Go�aszewskis psychedelischen Drang. Nicht zuf�llig erschien diese Musik zuerst 1997 als Kassette auf Fly Music, dem Label von Marek Styczy�ski, dem geistesverwandten Kopf von Atman und dem Magic Carpathians Project. Wenn FLY dann noch f�r Freak Living Yourself steht, und Merlin Armias Freak (2009) durchfreakt, dann wird die Schim�re zu einem, der konsequent 'The Other Side' zustrebt, auch 'Home' genannt. Go�aszewski bl�st seine Klarinette so dunkel und tastend, als ob er die andere Seite ertr�umen wollte oder sie erschlie�en k�nnte, wenn er die richtige Sesam-Formel anstimmt. Wenn sein fragendes, in Spucke und Herzblut gesottenes Summen und sehnendes Tuten einfach nur sch�n genug w�re f�r 'Dr�ben', dann m�sste doch im harmonischen Gleichklang mit den 'dortigen' Vibrations das Trennende durchl�ssig werden. Dass sich The Lollipoppe Shoppe daf�r mit dem Psychedelic Network-Label Sunhair Records in w�rzburg zusammengetan hat, darf da auf keinen Fall unerw�hnt bleiben.

Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy, #76, Februar 2013

S�awomir Go�aszewski's Asunta - Landscapes

The Lollipoppe Shoppe LSCD 012
Sunhair Records SH 007

release date: Feb 15th, 2013

distribution: Brokensilence
  1. Landscape I
  2. Landscape II
  3. Landscape III
  4. Landscape IV
  5. Landscape V
  6. Landscape VI
  7. Landscape VII
  8. Landscape VIII
Landscapesenth�lt Klarinettenkompostionen von S�awomir Go�aszewski, Begr�nder und Mastermind von Asunta, der hier von Wojciech Karwacki auf dem Harmonium begleitet wird. Aufgenommen und produziert wurden die faszinierende Mischung von Ethno drones, Ambient-Psychedelia und slawischer New Age in Warschau von Alik Dziki (http://dziki.net) , dem ehemaligen Bassisten der polnischen Reggae-Legenden Kultura und Izrael sowie in der Fr�hphase Mitglied bei den Mystik-Punks von Armia. Die Erstver�ffentlichung in Polen war 1996 lediglich eine Kassette-Edition beim Label "Fly Music", der 2001 eine limitierte Cdr-Version beim polnischen "Nefryt"-Label folgte. Diese Wiederver�ffentlichung auf Lollipoppe Shoppe stellt insofern die erste internationale W�rdigung des au�ergew�hnlichen Asunta-Sounds von Landscapesdar.

S�awomir Go�aszewski ist eine legend�re Figur der polnischen Off-Kultur: Er geh�rte 1985 zu den Mitbegr�ndern der mit transzendentaler Wucht und mystischer Poesie agierenden Hardcore Punk- Institution "Armia", auf deren Platten er mehrfach unter dem Pseudonym Merlin mitwirkte, und war zu dieser Zeit zugleich aktiv im Umfeld des sich aufl�senden "Teatr Laboratorium" (http://www.grotowski.net) des gro�en Theatererneuerers Jerzy Grotowskis in Wroc�aw/Breslau (zu seinen Lehrern z�hlten hier Zbigniew Cynkutis, Zygmunt Molik und Ludwik Flaszen). Grotkowskis Forschungen zum psychophysiologischen Einflu� ritueller Ges�nge und die Anwendung auf die experimentlle Theaterarbeit haben Go�aszewskis Arbeit gepr�gt.

Seit den fr�hen 1980er Jahren ist Go�aszewski au�erdem als Radiomoderator, Journalist und Autor t�tig; er hat unter anderem fr�h die Verbreitung von Reggae- und Rastafari-Kultur in Polen betrieben und mehrere Generation des polski Reggae gepr�gt. Dar�berhinaus war der "musizierende Philosoph" (Alexander Pehlemann, "Zonic" http://www.zonic-online.de) selber k�nstlerisch in der Szene aktiv. Die Liste seiner Kollaborationen wie auch seiner publizistischen Beitr�ge ist un�berschaubar.

�ber Go�aszewskis k�nstlerische und esoterische Interessen erkl�rt sich letztlich auch die Zusammenarbeit mit den ebenso legend�ren "Atman", einer seit den Mitt-Siebzigern aktive Gruppe von Musikern, die erfolgreich die Integration von Klangkunst und �kologie betrieben und deren Label "Fly Music" das Album Landscapes 1996 als Kassette ver�ffenlichte und Asunta im folgenden Jahr auf ihrem "Festival in der Landschaft" (Muzyka w krajobrazie http://pathman.republika.pl) im mittelpolnischen Inow��dz pr�sentierten. Mit diesem v�llig akustischem Konzert in einer romanischen Kapelle manifestierte sich endg�ltig die Reputation des Projekts in der alternativen Musikszene Polens.
Nach einer lebensbedrohlichen Gehirnoperation 2010 und Rekonvaleszenz meldet sich Go�aszewski nun zur�ck: 2012 wurde seine Graphic Novel "Moja Terapia" (mit Zeichnung von Szawe� P��ciennik, Central Europe Comics Art, http://centrala.org.pl) ver�ffentlicht und eine erweiterte, 400 Seiten starke und um ein Audiobook erg�nzte Neuauflage von Go�aszewskis Schriften zu Reggae und seiner spezifischen Rezeption in Polen von dem Label und Verlag "Manufaktura Legenda" besorgt, das federf�hrend ist bei der Aufarbeitung von polnischer Subkultur ("Reggae Rastafarie - Regementarz" http://manufaktura-legenda.pl).

This release contains clarinet compositions by S�awomir Go�aszewski, founder and master-mind of the project, and harmonium works by Wojciech "Kaktus" Karwacki. Landscapes was recorded and produced by Alik Dziki, former bass player of the Polish Reggae legends Izrael and Kultura, as well as an early member of the mystic punk group Armia. The album was released on tape in Poland in 1996 under project name Asunta on the "Fly Music" label and in 2001 released in a limited edition on Cdr by the "Nefryt" label. Landscapes features a fascinating blend of ritual ethno drones, ambient psychedelia and Slavonic New Age. The cover painting by Lithuanian artist Linas Domarackas was designed for the original release.

S�awomir Go�aszewski is a legendary figure of Polish off- and counter culture. In 1984/85 he co-founded the seminal punk rock group Armia and contributed to their albums under pseudonym Merlin. At the same time he was active in the shadow of Jerzy Grotowskis's dissolving "Teatr Laboratorium" in Wroclaw/Breslau (Zbigniew Cynkutis, Zygmunt Molik, and Ludwik Flaszen being his teachers). Grotowskis's research on rituals, its psychophysiological impact, and his expanded concept of theater has coined Go�aszewski's artistic work.

Since the late 1980's, Go�aszewski is active as a radio presenter, journalist and author; among other things he was crucial for the early popularisation of Reggae music and Rastafarian culture in Poland and thus influencing an entire generation of fans and musicians alike. His contributions both artistic and publicistical to the Polish alternative music scene are numerous. His artistic and esoteric quest also lead to the collaboration with the legendary Atman group, a collective of musicians dealing with the integration of sound and ecology. The group's self-managed label "Fly Music" released Landscapes in 1996 on cassette. In the following year, Atman also invited Go�aszewski to present his project at their Music in the Landscape Festival [Muzyka w krajobrazie] in Inow��dz, a small medieval village in central Poland. This entirely acoustic performance in the Romanesque St. Giles church in Inow��dz in July 1997 brought Asunta lasting reputation among Poland's alternative music circuit.

After a life-threatening brain surgery in 2010 and a period of convalescence Go�aszewski is back and active again: 2012 saw the publication of his graphic novel "Moja Terapia" (with drawings by Szawe� P��ciennik, Central Europe Comics Art) as well as a 400-page volume of his collected writings on Reggae music and Rastafari culture published by "Manufaktura Legenda", the leading label and publisher for the reappraisal of the legacy of Polish subculture.

S�awomir Go�aszewski: regementarz.pl
Lollipop Shop: lollipopshop.de
Sunhair Records: psychedelic-network.de

17 November 2011


Nu & Apa Neagră - Descântecul Apei Negre (Black Water Incantation)

CD, LSCD 011

Relase date February 21st 2012
  1. Rooster's First Singing 2:40
  2. A Pilgrim 8:25
  3. Rooster's Second Singing 2:14
  4. Another Pilgrim 8:28
  5. Rooster's Third Singing 1:38
  6. The Black Water 18:53
Record release party for the release in Romania:
November 25th, Bucharest, Control Club with Parking Nonstop (Wales/Klangbad www.parkingnonstop.com)

As if it were taken from a story which has not been written yet, this new album of NU & APA NEAGRĂ remains true to its original influences - the Romanian & Turkish folklore and the electroacoustic madness of the 20th Century. With field recordings, pseudo sampling and instruments such as caval, divan saz, prepared cymbalom, synthesizers and vintage sound effects, to name just a few, the group offers a vertical approach towards the sound, one that explores the cultural and primary layers of Balkan & Carpathian spaces which are put into an occidental equation. A sort of amorphous sound psychism, whose depths reveal all of a sudden some recognizable fragments, which could help reconstruct an archaeology of all four musicians' trajectories.

18 November 2010

The Lollipop Shop presents: Pzychedlic Polska


Do 2.12. Leipzig, Waldfrieden, Bornaische Stra�e 56
Fr 3.12. Finsterwalde, Sch�tzenhaus, Sch�tzenstra�e 4
Sa 4.12. Greifswald, Polenmarkt Festival, St. Spiritus, Lange Str. 49/51

31 August 2010

An ethnotronic collaboration: Ukrainian folk songs with ambient and electronic experiments

Fr. 3.9. Leipzig - 21:00, Telegraph, Dittrichring 18-20
Sa. 4.9. Berlin - 21:00, Hangar 49, Holzmarktstr. 15-18, S-Bahnbogen 49
So. 5.9. Dresden - 20:00, Dreik�nigskirche, Hauptstra�e 23
Di. 7.9. K�ln - 19:30, Stattmuseum, Gustavstr.11


Noise from Hungary

Do. 16.9. Berlin - 21:00, Hangar 49, Holzmarktstr. 15-18, S-Bahnbogen 49
So. 19.9. Leipzig - 20:00, Kulturwirtschaft Waldfrieden, Bornaische Stra�e 56


9 March 2010


CD/DD nsp05/lscd010
distribution: a-musik.com
release date: March 9th 2010
10 � Germany (inklusive Porto)
12 � Europe (including postage)
  1. Svity Misyachenko
  2. Volyky
  3. Chi bulo lito
  4. Luli-luli
  5. Dva Holuby
  6. Na Yordantsi
  7. Kotyku sirenkyi
  8. Na Ivana Kupala
  9. Kohannya
  10. Khata
more info: English

Nexsound and The Lollipoppe Shoppe present an ethnotronic collaboration of the neo-folk group Ojra and Andrey Kiritchenko. A Tangle Of Mokohsha contains 10 tracks with songs of pagan and Chiristian origins collected during the group's ethnographic expeditions in Eastern Ukraine. The material was additionally infused with electronic sounds by Andrey Kiritchenko.These interpretations of authentic songs glister of versatile sonic palettes. Here one can distinguish ambient and electronic experiments, field-recordings of nature and bright sound of traditional instruments. This vivid piece of work has the ability to conduct the listeners imagination and to melt him/her down inside of the music.

Ojra are:
Halyna Breslavets - voice
Natalka Dudynska - violin
Petro Yuha - solilka, hulusi, dvoyanka, guitar
Yurko Yefremov - bass, dulcimer, drymba, kalimba, buhay, bayan

Halyna Breslavets teaches Ukrainian folk singing and vocals at Kharkov's State Academy of Culture. Petro Yuha plays with Kharkov's philharmonic orchestra. Natalka Dudynska works as a musician for Kharkov's theater of musical comedy For the last 10 years the artists were collecting and researching Ukrainian folk music. Ojra are laureates and participants of many folk, jazz and rock tenders and festivals. They have collaborated with the experimental theater Yara Art-Group and La MaMa/New York.

Andrey Kiritchenko
Born in 1976 in Kharkiv / Ukraine and started his musical activity in 1991 as a singer / song-writer in a rock band. Active in fields of electronic music since 1996. Andrey is a crossgenre experimental sound artist combined acoustic and digital aesthetics, tiny melodies and noise. So far, under all aliases he released more than 40 albums on labels such as Staalplaat, Ad Noiseam, SPEKK, Zeromoon and Nexsound; has over 50 compilation appearances on labels all over the world; performed through continental Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan; had collaborations with Francisco Lopez, Kim Cascone, Sara Lunden, Jeff Surak, Kotra, the Moglass etc.; nominated and awarded by Qwartz Electronic Music Awards.


12 December 2009


CD / Digipack
Lollipopshop LSCD 009
Release Date: 12.12.2009

SHIP OF ARA are Groucho Kangaroo and Stefan Schlensag. Groucho's work with the COSMIC KANGAROOS and Stefan's leading part in THE HIPSTERS are well known realities to dedicated fans of 80's neo-garage and psychedelic sounds throughout the Ruhr-Valley and beyond. Now they have ventured out to present their folky sides, but that doesn't mean that there's no noise involved.

more info: English / Deutsch

on December 12th! (Zenrum Altenberg, Oberhausen, NRW)!

24 October 2009

Volga on tour. November 2009

Nov 5th - Bayreuth, Germany
Nov 7th - Leipzig, Germany
Nov 8th - Berlin, Germany
Nov 9th - Praha, Czech Republic
Nov 10th - Wroclaw, Poland
Nov 11th - Warsaw, Poland

More info soon.
Check here and on Volga's myspace site

Volga's track on Made in Russia compilation by DJ G�lbahar K�lt�r
more info below


Lola's World Records, the prominent label of the series "Made in ...", following Turkey, Greece, India, Germany and Iran, spotlights a country of huge population accommodating a wide range of ethnicity: Russia. The double CD album "Made in Russia" dedicated to this country where 60 different ethnic groups inhabit, naturally reflects this diversity and wealth of culture.

Russia immediately linked to classical music with its eminent composers and musicians had many underground rock bands emerging in the 60s and 70s. During Perestroika period of the 80s, these bands found the medium to get to the surface of the ground and rock music became the mainstream. It is this period that Russia opened its doors to such diverse sounds and genres like heavy metal, power and progressive metal, alternative rock, soft rock, folk rock, ska, punk, rap, dub, electronica, downtempo, house and trance that would be influential on the music made in Russia in the years to come. Shortly, the social and political changes that took place in Russia naturally echoed in the music scenery and led to an extraordinary vigour, uncovering a treasure trove.

"Made in Russia" covers meticulously chosen songs beautifully brought together to have an intoxicating effect on its listeners. It reflects the Russia today, avoiding the clich� of strong vodka and offering sweet champagne dreams instead: perhaps the number of vodka drinkers is no less than the past, but it would not be an exaggeration to say that particularly in recent years, the number of champagne drinkers has considerably increased.

G�lbahar K�lt�r, the compiler of this album and all other albums of "Made in ..." series names the first CD of this convivial double CD album as `GOGOL'S OVERCOAT', dedicating it to one of the matchless stories of the Russian literature and one of her favourite authors. The ones who open their hearts to the Russian literature know how wonderful, delicious, fulfilling and rich it is: `GOGOL'S OVERCOAT' has exactly the same traits. Some of the awesome artists and groups featured in the CD are: Moscow Groove Institute, the leader of electronic music in Russia; T9, the famous hip hop trio from St. Petersburg; Volga, the successful blender of post-industrial electronic music, archaic percussions and old Russian rituel melodies; IMAS, performing jazz nurtured by various folcloric instruments and Second Hand Band, the agitator of dub culture in Russia.

The second CD: "Pushkin's Party" is literally a dance and party album acting as the leader of the Russian wind that also blows strong in the fashion world this year. Some of the artists and collectives at "Pushkin's Party" are Leningrad, the ska punk group that shook all St. Petersburg until the day they disbanded in 2008; Karl Hlamkin who defines his music as "hyperpositive"; Oleg Kostrow, well known in Russia for his original, creative power and playful samples and Red Elvises, the indispensible group of parties made up of Russian and American members.

You can find almost all sounds in this compilation: pop, ska, rock, jazz, electronic, rap, dub, trance, polka, klezmer, balalaika speedfolk, Cchansons... G�lbahar K�lt�r, the prolific and successful DJ of the World Music �cole, once more releases an outstanding album on Lola's world Records label: "Made in Russia" is an album essential for parties, for lounging, music archives... In short, an album essential for everywhere music survives.


1 August 2009

Nu & Apa Neagra at Avantgarde Festival and elsewhere

Nu & Apa Neagra wil be playing in Germany in late August:
August 28th, Hamburg, Astra Stube
August 30th, Shiphorst, Avantgarde Festival
August 31st, Berlin (tba) with a reading of Calin Torsan of Nu!

Check their myspace space: http://www.myspace.com/projectnu

26 March 2009

Korai �r�m have a new CD out! The surprising title: "2009". But, unlike previous albums, the tracks do have names!
Two tracks feature the voice of Tanja Svaha, the Russian space-folk singer who performed with Ole Lukkoye.

The CD is also released in released in Germany with Gunther Lorz' Herzberg Verlag. 16 � including postage to Germany and Europe!
The band will perform in Germany: May, 7th, Berlin, Stella, May, 8th, Bielefeld.

12 November, 2009

EASTERN SPACE CAKE-CD re-release mit/with ZONIC #14-17

Unser Eastern Space Cake-Sampler wurde soeben als Beilage f�r das ZONIC Magazin wiederver�ffentlicht.

Das zum Magazin gewandelte Fanzine aus Greifswald hat sich schon sehr fr�h um Musik aus dem Osten gek�mmert.
Das 165 Seiten starke Heft kommt u.a. mit Artikeln zu Uz Jsme Doma (CZ), Yugo-(Post)-Punk, Jegor Letow, Notchnoi Prospekt und dem Magnetband-Untergrund in der DDR. Und nat�rlich Infos zum Space Cake-Sampler und den K�nstlern [Magic Carpathians Project, Oranzada, Archinta, Pathman, Asunta (Poland), Volga (Russia), NU (Romania), Korai Oeroem, Uzgin Uever, Trottel Monodream (HU)]

Den ersten 10 Bestellungen ist die zweite CD-Beilage von Column One sicher (album "The Excellent Listener"). Mehr zum Zonic unter: www.zonic-online.de

Alles Gute im Neuen Jahr!

Our Eastern Space Cake-sampler was just re-release with the German Magazine ZONIC (www.zonic-online.de).
A lot of interesting articles, essays, reviews - unfortunately in German only.
First orders will receive another CD by post-East-German Noise/Cut-Up project Column One. So 2 CDs and one Mag for €12!

All the Best for 2009!

October 2008

NU & APA NEAGRA will play a couple of shows in Germany, hope some of you have the chance to see us... Thanks to everybody who helped making this happen!

Dortmund-Mengede, Siegenstrasse 15
doors: 20h, tickets: 5 e

Kulturkeller Domizil
Braugasse 6, 35390 Giessen
anschl. Dobra Ost

Kassel-Bettenhausen, hinterm Hallenbad-Ost
mit STROM, 5 e

Berlin, Schokoladen, Ackerstrasse 196, 21h
hosted by Lady Gaby

Leipizig, Noch Besser Leben
Merseburger Str. 25 / Ecke Karl-Heine-Str.
04229 Leipzig, 21h

Berlin-Mitte, Balast der Republik,
Brunnenstrasse 183, 21h


Sasha Liviu Stoianovic - saz, voice, instruments, loop sampler
Alexandru Hegyesi - accoustic bass
Vlad Sturdza - guitar
Calin Torsan - woodwinds

May 2008


Formed in Timisoara, Romania, by Sasha-Liviu Stoianovici (self taught saz player and visual artist) & Alexandru Hegyesi. The NU & APA NEAGRA sound project deals with a mix between traditional tunes, improvised vocals and spacy electronics. It started in 2001, as NU, being at the time more of a folk/free form music project.

Representing Romanian underground psychedelia, the group toured Germany twice in 2006, presenting their cdr 'At Gardina', which, in the meantime, received some great revues. Played club gigs and also festivals. NU's music has been airplayed at radio statoins like WFMU or Freies Radio Kassel, among others... After some changes and studio work in 2007, NU 'reincarnated' as NU & APA NEAGRA and released the OMAG album at the German indie label Lollipoppe Shoppe in June 2008. The tracks have been recorded both in Berlin, Germany and Timisoara, Romania. The sound became darker, being influenced by various trips in the mountains and forests of Romania. Field recordings, ancient instruments, strange overdubbing techniques, they all create a rough ethno-psychedelic sound, definately a trademark of NU & APA NEAGRA. The title of the album is inspired by the very poisonous plant Omag, found in the traditional pharmaceutical universe of Romanians. There are 13 original tracks, the 14th one being a deep and strange mix done by Alan Holmes (Ectogram, Parking Non-Stop). Live shows in central Europe are planed for autumn 2008.

NU & APA NEAGRA - Omag (LSCD 008), release date June 17th.


February 2008

Volga European Tour 2008

27 February (9 pm)
(Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 46, Leipzig, Germany)

28 February (9 pm)
(Fidelio-F.-Finke-Stra�e 4, Dresden, Germany)
support: Elektroherd (UA)

29 February (7:30 pm)
(Francouzska 76, Praha 10, Czech Republik)

3 March 2008 (9 pm)
(Metelkova City, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

5 March (9 pm)
(Maximiliansplatz 5, M�nchen, Germany)

8 March (9 pm)
Women in Paradise Festival
(Weteringcchans 69, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands)

9 March (9 pm)
(Lychener Str. 60, Berlin, Germany)

12 March
(Cannes, France)

more infos at


July 2007

Korai �r�m - Volume Zero (lscd 007)
The Lollipoppe Shope (LC 10626)
V� 12. Mai 2007

"Volume Zero" ist, abgesehen von zwei Vinyl-LPs, Korai �r�ms erste CD-Ver�ffentlichung au�erhalb Ungarns und ihre 10 CD. Das Album versammelt Tracks aus den letzten 10 Jahren und ist als eine Art Best-Of-Album konzipiert um der Gruppe ein weiteres Publikum au�erhalb Ungarns zu erschlie�en.

Korai geh�ren inzwischen zu den etabliertesten Live-Acts und beliebtesten Festivalbands Ungarns. Die Big Band, die gerne bis zu 10 Musikern auf der B�hne versammelt und 2-3 VJs f�r ihre Lightshow mitbringt, begann mit einer ersten Tape Ver�ffentlichung 1993 auf dem legend-�ren Trottel-Records-Label und machte ihre ersten internationalen Schritte im Vorprogramm der ebenso legend�ren Rasenden Leichenbeschauern (VHK). Ihre ersten zwei CDs werden als Meisterwerke europ�ischer - zeitgen�ssischer - Psychedelia gehandelt und die Band wurde gerne in einem Atemzug mit den Ozric Tentacles genannt. Seit Korai �r�ms drittem Album absorbiert und transformiert die Gruppe erfolgreich Club-Sound-�sthetiken. Diese Entwicklung dokumentieren auch die Remix-Alben "Recycled" (1998) und "Reflected" (2003), w�hrend die Bandeigene DJ-Crew "Korai Banditos" nach einem dreist�ndigen Konzert mit unvorstellbaren Energie-Ressourcen die Party gerne bis in den Morgengrauen fortsetzt.
Die Band hat fast in ganz Europa gespielt, neben den benachbarten L�ndern und Mitteleuropa auch Russland, Irland, England, Italien, Frankreich und Bulgarien. Zu den H�hepunkten der Band-Vita z�hlen u.a. die Teilnahmen am Solipse-Festival in Ozora/HU anl�sslich der Sonnen-finsternis 1999, der Beitrag zum Soundtrack von Faith Akims "Im Juli" 2000 und der Auftritt beim Herzbergfestival 2005 bei Fulda/D.
Neben 5 Tracks ihrer Alben "2005", "2001", "2000" und "1997" beinhaltet "Volume Zero" zwei Remixes vom "Reflected Album", darunter auch ein Bearbeitung von Greifswalder Al Haca-Soundsystem.
Sowohl bei den Titel der Alben als auch bei Tracknamen sorgten Korai �r�m immer wieder f�r Verwirrung: die Alben sind schlicht nach dem Erscheinungsjahr benannt und die Tracks entsprechend ihrer Positionen auf den CDs. "Nicht aus Mangel an Fantasie", sagt die Gruppe, "St�cke und Alben haben keine Titel, weil die Botschaft unserer Musik nicht in Worten ausgedr�ckt werden kann." (Soviel f�r die Radio-Menschen unter uns?).
Die CD kommt in einem Pappschuber wie bei Promos und ist verschweisst.
Artwork by Valery Shalabin (psychedelischer Maler aus Petersburg und Ole Lukkoye-Freund)
� 10

Korai �r�m - Volume Zero (lscd 007)
The Lollipoppe Shope (LC 10626)
Release date: May, 12th 2007

"Volume Zero" is Korai first CD-release outside Hungary und thus their 10th CD. The album collects tracks from the past 10 years and is conceived as some kind Best-Of in order to reach a broader audience outside their home country.

Korai �r�m is amongst the most popular live acts and festival bands from Hungary. The Big Band collects up to 10 musicians on stage and 2-3 VJs for the light show. Their career began with a tape release on Hungary's legendary Trottel Records and their first steps outside the contry were made as a support act with the similarly legendary VHK / Galloping Coroners. The band's first two Cds are considered masterpieces of contemporary European Psychedelia and they are considered to be an equivalent to the English Ozric Tentacles. Since their third album "1997", the band started to absorb and transform club-sound-aesthetics which is manifested by two remix albums in 1998 ("Recycled") and 2003 ("Reflected"), while the band's own DJ-crew keeps spinning records even after an up-to three hour live show with no apparent shortage of energy well into the morning hours.

The band has toured all over Europe and played, besides Hungary's neighboring countries, in Russia, Ireland, England, Italy, France and Bulgaria. Among the highlights of the band's vita were the participation in the Solipse Festival/Ozora/HU on the occasion of the solar eclipse in 1999, their sountrack contribution for Turkish/German director Faith Akim's roadmovie "Im Juli", 2000 and thier overwhelming appearnce at Germany's Herzberg Festival in 2005

The band has toured all over Europe and played, besides the Hungary's neighboring countries, in Russia, Ireland, England, Italy, France and Bulgaria. Amnong the highlight of the band's vita were the participation in the Solipse Festival/Ozora/HU on the occasion of the solar eclipse in 1999, their sountrack contribution for Turkish/German director Faith Akim's roadmovie "Im Juli", 2000 and thier overwhelming appearnce at Germany's Herzberg Festival in 2005

Beside 5 tracks from thier records ""2005", "2001", "2000" and "1997", "Volume Zero" contains two mixes of the "Reflected" album along with a rework by Greifswald's (Northern East Germany) Al Haca Soundsystem.

Korai �r�m often created confusion in regard to both their album titles and track names: as the albums simply were titled acoording to the year of appearance, the titles were simply given names according the order on the albums. "It's not about lack of fantasy", states the band "the pieces and the albums just have no titles, because the message of Korai's music cannot be translated in words". (That information for the radio presenters among us).

The CD comes in a cardbordbox and the cover artwork is by Valery Shalabin (a "psychedelic" painter from Petersburg and friend with Ole Lukkoye)
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November 2006

Finally it is out: the long awaited Eastern Space Cakes compilation by The Lollipop Shop.
This compilation features tracks by some of the most interesting Eastern artists we have worked with within the last 10 year.
This CD comes free with every order; or might be ordered for 3 � inside Germany or 5 � for the rest of Europe to cover postage and package.
More infos on the project soon!
Endlich ist es soweit: der langerwartete Eastern Space Cakes-Sampler ist da. Diese Zusammenstellung beinhaltet St�cke von K�nstlern aus dem Neuen Europa, mit denen in den letzten 10 Jahren zusammen gearbeitet haben oder deren Tontr�ger wir vertrieben haben.
Diese CD kommt unentgeltlich mit jeder Bestellung oder kann f�r 3 � f�r Deutschland bzw. f�r 5 � f�r Europa f�r Porto und Verpackung bestellt werden.
Mehr Infos hierzu sp�ter!

Magic Carpathians Project (PL)
Oranzada (PL)
Volga (RU) *
Korai �r�m (HU)
�zgin �ver (HU)
Trottel Monodream (HU)
Archinta (PL)
Pathman (PL)
Asunta (PL)

* [a track from the new album "Pomol" out soon on Lumberton Trading Records]


Various Artist - Eastern Space Cakes
catalogue-Nr.: LSCD 006
label: The Lollipoppe Shoppe, LC 10626

Welcome to an audio journey into the fringes of Eastern Eurpean music culture!

Although incomplete, this CD represents some of the finest artists whose music we imported from new Europe over more than a decade. We at the Lollipop Shop started out as a vinyl record label in 1992 and began to discover the music of the East with an early release by the legendary Polish folk/improv group Atman (Atman - Personal Forest) in 1994. Records by Ole Lukkoye (Russia) and Korai �r�m (Hungary) followed soon after.
The purpose of the Eastern Space compilation was to collect some of the artists whose records we have spread not only among collectors in the West, but also document several whoe were brought over for live concerts. The release also inaugurates the new name under which our activities will take place in the future: Agencja Wuzetka. A Wuzetka is a cake or a piece of tart from socialist Warsaw. This name again derives from the letters W and Z which denote East and West in Polish (wsch�d and zach�d).

The Magic Carpathians Project (Nowy Sacz/Poland) is one of the two follow-up project of the legendary Polish group Atman, an eco-activist collective from south Poland who have been playing folk jams since the 80's. "In the Prison of Mind" was recorded at the WNUR radio station in Chicago, USA May 5th 2006 during their US tour and their appearance at the Terrastock Festival.

Oran�ada is a young colorful rock outfit from Otwock close to Warsaw. "Koszula wspomnie�" is a track taken from their second album "Drzewa w sadzie zdzik�y" on the band's own Mikrofon Records.

Volga is one of the most interesting projects from Moscow combinig experimental electronics, advanced beats, and traditional lyrics of ancient Russian folk culture. The singer Anzhelika Manukian collected and studied ancient Russian folk songs and Alexei Borisov is worldwide reknown for his post-industrial noise experiments. "Pomol" is the title track from their new album to be released in early 2007 on Lumberton Trading Records, UK. Volga will be touring Germany in February 2007.

The NU project is a young folk-improv collective form Timisoara/Romania. "Ezaro" comes from their first self-released CDR "At Gardina." The band says to be influenced not only by Romnian legend Ph�nix but also by Krautrock, Sun Ra, and the Polish Atman. Nu played their first concerts outside Romania at festivals in Germany 2006.

Korai �r�m is one of the best known Hungarian contributions to the European festival circuit since the mid 90's. This Budapest big band plays with up to 5 percussionsts and 4 ligh operators. On their recent records they managed to transform their ritualistic tribal rock into urban club aesthetics. This track is from the 2005 album.

�zgin �ver from Budapest started as an avant-gardistic folk-rock group; on recent records they became more experimental creating tribal ethno drones and soundtracks for puppet plays and theater productions. "Pall�" is taken from the album "V�r�s R�b�k".

The Trottel band was one of the earliest punk rock groups to tour the West since the late 80's and early 90's. Trottel Monodream is one of several incarnations of Trottel combining punk dynamics and festival/space rock. "Fluid" is the title track from the same titled album from 2000. The Trottel label gave birth to many Hungarian alternative stars from the 1990's (Anima Soundsystem, Korai �r�m etc).

The L�dz/Poland based Archinta was the project of Grazyna Jasman the wife of Janusz Reichel, a well known Poish musician with an eco-/punk-activits background. "Malfor" was taken from the cassette album "Intus" on the obscure "W moich oczach" label.

Pathman (Inow��dz/Poland) is another follow-up project from the legendary Atman. "Glo" which appeared on the CDR album "Poza" by the notorious Mikmusik from Silesia (mikmusik.org) Ex-Atman guitarist and dulcimer player Kolecki and Leszczy�ski orgnanize the anual Festiwal w Krajobrazie, surely one of the most interesting alternative events in Poland since the last 10 years!

Asunta is the project of the legendary radio personality, Reggae activist, and spirititual propagandist S�awomir Go�aszewski from Warsaw. "Landscape VIII" was taken from the cassette and CDR album "Landscapes of Asunta" by Atman's own Fly Music label and the Nefryt label respectively.

The Eastern Space Cakes compilation is not for sale but comes for free with orders from our mail-order and during concerts by the respective artists.

Skladanka dokumentujaca pierwszy etap zacnej inicjatywy - promowania na rynkach europejskich najciekawszych niszowych artyst�w z kraj�w Europy Wschodniej. Na Eastern Space Cakes mamy reprezentant�w czterech nacji: Polski, Wegier, Rumunii i Rosji, odslaniajacych rozmaite oblicza muzyki niezaleznej, z wyrazna jednak dominacja okolopsychodelicznych preparacji o zdecydowanym etnicznym posmaku, budujacym "lokalny" koloryt poszczeg�lnych utwor�w. Nasz kraj reprezentuja na tym wydawnictwie: Karpaty Magiczne, z alternatywna wersja utworu In the Prison of Mind, znanego z albumu Sonic Suicide, tu zaprezentowanego w wersji bardziej minimalistycznej; Oranzada z porcja garazowo-gitarowej psychodelii podanej w piosenkowej formule; Asunta z kolejna odslona Landscape - w nieco oniryczno-nostalgicznej atmosferze; Pathman z etniczno-psychodeliczna preparacja Glo oraz urokliwa, folkowa Archinta. Rosjanie prezentuja intrygujaca, transowa, szamansko-postindustrialna Volge; Rumuni - pobrzmiewajaca elektronika etno-preparacje NU. Wegrzy pojawiaja sie az w trzech odslonach: nudnawej, brzmiacej jak klon p�znego Pink Floyd, Korai �r�m; nieprzekonujacej - opartej na patentach Cocteau Twins, Trottel Monodream i bardzo ciekawej - minimalistyczno-etnicznej, �zgin �ver. Calosc nie aspiruje oczywiscie do stylistycznej czy koncepcyjnej jednorodnosci, ma wszak charakter przegladowo-promocyjny i w takiej funkcji sprawdza sie wcale niezle, Cieszy tez fakt, ze rodzimi artysci wypadaja w tej konfrontacji naprawde przekonujaco.

Dariusz Brzostek (http://www.gaz-eta.vivo.pl/gaz-eta/recenzje/gazeta.php?nr=50&id=6)