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Links & Friends

Úzgin Üver >>> uzginuver.hu

home of the Cosmic Gardeners >>> www.stonorecords.com

Mr. Mushroomrunner, old friend and early partner of thee Shoppe, have a look at his catalogue here >>> Mushroom Runner Records

home of S/T & the people who first discovered Guided By Voices in Europe >>> www.get-happy-records.com

home of FAUST and other great artists >>> www.klangbad.de

a database for psych music >>> www.psychedelic-music.net

home of Balsam and Two For The Road >>> www.rghr.de

the friendly net-intellectuals from Warszawa >>> neurobot.art.pl

former Atman people pt. I >>> www.karpatymagiczne.vivo.pl

former Atman people pt. II >>> republika.pl/pathman/

for many Hungary`s #1 band >>> www.koraiorom.hu

Ole Lukkoye >>> www.olelukkoye.ru

drony side project of Ole Lukkyoe >>> www.2012.spb.ru

Siberias roots rockers >>> www.yat-kha.com

Tamizdat distribution >>> www.tamizdat.org

Mark van Tongeren >>> www.fusica.nl
here you will find more information about the music and publications by the author of the book on Overtone Singing

nice psychedelic-folk-rock outfit from Warsaw >>> www.oranzada.com

new Polish label specializing in electronic music >>> www.monotyperecords.com
they just released the latest Wolfram album

andtheyfell recordings >>> andtheyfell.com

a nice music microlabel >>> arterija.org